Золотий символ якості національних товарів
ТОВ “Деражнянський молочний завод”


LLC "Derazhnia Dairy Plant"

    "Derazhnia Dairy Plant" occupies one of the best positions among milk processing enterprises of Khmelnytskyi region. The history of its creation began in the distant 1944, but the prospect of becoming a successful independent enterprise, which is constantly evolving and increasing the pace of production, to develop, so to speak, in tune with the times, appeared in 1991. At present, it is a modern milk processing enterprise with the best traditions of healthy eating and recognition in the industry.

    Quality, taste and moderate prices - these are the main principles of “Derazhnia Dairy Plant”. The main activity of the enterprise is the procurement of milk from agricultural companies, private households and production of more than 30 types of products under the trademark "Zdorovyi Svit" - milk, yoghurts, cheeses, butter, kefir, leaven, sour cream and butter milk, spreads, ice cream, technical casein, which have in their composition almost everything that is necessary for the human body, apparently, therefore, it is in high demand among consumers. For the production of high-quality products, the enterprise was awarded with the Golden symbol of the quality of national goods and services of Ukraine, became the winner of the national award GRAN-PRI "HIGHEST QUALITY", has taken prize-winning places in "100 Best Goods of Ukraine" in the nominations "Food products" at the regional level and the award "Consumer’s choice" for the production of the necessary products for the local market, in the contest "For the people, for the state", the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine awarded the enterprise with a memorable sign "Leader of the food and processing industry of Ukraine", in 2012 the plant received a certificate for the quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO-9001.

    Any matter will develop only with a strong professional team. The dairy plant is famous for such people - responsible, disciplined workers, highly educated specialists, who produce a useful product with a rich taste.