Золотий символ якості національних товарів
ТОВ “Деражнянський молочний завод”


LLC "Derazhnia Dairy Plant", its management and products have been repeatedly awarded with certificates of honor, diplomas and honors for high-quality products and high achievements in work ...

In 2003, Khmelnytskyi consumer union awarded the enterprise a sign "Consumer’s choice" and passed the quality button. For the production of products for the local production market, the plant took first place at the regional competition "For the people, for the state".

The company's products are the winner of the All-Ukrainian Product Quality Competition (goods, works, services) "100 Best Goods of Ukraine" in the category "Food Products" at the regional level:

- in 2005 - sour cream of 20% fat packed in polystyrene cups;

- in 2006 - sweet butter "Selianske";

- in 2007- soft cheese "Adygei".

The enterprise was awarded with certificates of honor of the district, regional state administrations and the regional council. The Head of the Board Yahlinskyi Valerii Stanislavovych was awarded with the title of Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine.

In 2004, the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine awarded the enterprise with a memorable sign "Leader of the food and processing industry of Ukraine in 2004".

LLC "Derazhnia Dairy Plant" in 2011 was awarded with a diploma "The Golden Symbol of Quality of National Goods and Services of Ukraine" for the production of high-quality products:

- Pasteurized milk

- Fermented milk products

- Sweet butter "Selianske”

- Pickled cheeses “Suluguni”, "Brinzen"

- Soft cheese "Adygei"

- Hard cheeses "Rosiyskyi" and "Poshekhonskyi"

According to the results of the National Economic-Industrial Competition, the head of the winning enterprise was awarded with the honorary golden sign "Best Head of the Year".